HomeSchooling Kids With Disabilities

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Homeschooling a child with a disability can be very challenging. When asked how to best homeschool children with disabilities, I never quite have the answer. Which is the reason I have created this page. The problem really is that there are so many types of problems in particular that a child can be afflicted with. As such, each type of disability usually comes with its own set of rules, responsibilities, and caring needs.

Types of Disabilities Facing Homeschooled Children

What I am going to do here is to start putting together guides for parents of children with specific disabilities. Throughout time I hope to hit as many as possible, however we'll start with the most common problems facing children today. Anything from homeschooling a child with an illness, to homeschooling children with learning disabilities.

Homeschooling Children With Disabilities Advice & Information

Below begins any information collected on homeschooling kids with a disability.