Homeschooling Laws

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What Laws & Regulation govern homeschools and homeschooling in your state? Thinking about starting your own homeschool? Ever consider what laws needed to be followed to legally begin your own homeschool? Most assuredly each state has its own set of guidelines, regulations, and laws for all school system both publish and private. Homeschooling is no exception to these laws, and the homeschool laws of your state should be strictly adhered.

Homeschool Laws By State

What we have begun to do is create a detailed list of each state and the laws that apply to that state when starting a homeschool. Now some parents simply have questions that are just too specific to lump into the term laws. You may have a specific question about the goings on of homeschools and what exactly can or cannot be done to your child by law when sending your child to a homeschool.

We will do our best to keep this in mind and provide resources that cover an extensive array of all laws and regulations that deal with homeschooling in your state. The more detailed information we can acquire, the more education you can become on how exactly homeschooling will work for your child.

Homeschooling Law

Homeschool Laws & Regulations By State.