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Homeschooling text books are a little harder to shop around to purchase and let me explain why. Most school systems are managed from the top down. This means that every so often, someone on the school board or what have you, makes the executive decision to upgrade the text books to a newer addition. I have noticed over the years that many colleges follow a steadfast guideline of forcing students to purchase the newest version of the text book for each subject, math, english, history, etc. Now a little conspiracy theory from me to you; I believe this is all a gimick personally. This simply forces students to constantly buy a new book each year. This same tactic also discourages students from giving their book to another class mate once they have completed the course. Not all of us are wealthy. Maybe a little sharing could go a long way here to same the education system and kids some money on text books. Let's face it, has the history of Western Civilizations between 1000 and 1500 changed much since last spring? How about that math book, Euclid's ghost recently swing by with some new ideas for us since last year?

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So moving right along then! Basically what we are planning here is to go around and find the latest and greatest text books for your kids to use in their homeschooling. We are going to make our best attempt to keep the lists as up to date as possible, just in case you'd like to stay on top of the most up to date version of the text book. Despite my rant above, it's okay to stay current if you choose to. Nothing is wrong with having the latest additions to a text book. Technically we are going to have to purchase them one way or the other just the one time, unless we have more than one child to homeschool. So they got you! Just kidding, well not really, they got me too! ;)

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